Lyrics The Siren - Blutengel

The Siren - Blutengel
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song The Siren, artist - Blutengel.
Date of issue: 12.02.2015
Song language: English

The Siren

I watch the sky, I watch the rain
But everything I see is you
My whole world goes down in flames
But everything I see is you
I am addicted to the words you say
I am addicted to the games you play
I am not strong enough to break free
As long as you put your spell on me
Why don’t you stay away?
I am the siren who is hunting you
I don’t belong to you
I sing my song of temptation to you
Why don’t you stay away?
Worship me for eternity
I don’t belong to you
Sacrifice your life to me
Why did you not abandon me?
I can’t stand it anymore
Why don’t you stop playing tricks on me?
I can’t stand it anymore

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