Lyrics Shema - Yaakov Shwekey

Shema - Yaakov Shwekey
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Shema, artist - Yaakov Shwekey.
Date of issue: 20.05.2015
Song language: English


He raised his hands to wave good bye,
Saw the pain in mother’s eyes,
She left her little precious boy of four,
In a citadel of ash and stone,
That preach a faith unlike his own,
Perhaps he may yet survive this war.
In the shadows, stood a man in black,
«My child,"he said, «you must not look back.»
Yet one image lingered, the tears on her face,
Mothers words, and their last embrace.
Shema, Shema Yisroel.
Know that there is but, but one G-d above!
When you feel pain, when you rejoice,
Know that He longs to hear your voice,
Hashem Elokainu, Hashem Echad!
Deep within the iron gate,
Far from the stench of war and hate,
He knew not of a world gone insane
«You must believe"he was told,
«Our faith alone can save your sole
Please let us heal your wounds and ease your pain»
He tried not to forget his past, his home,
But he was so very young, and all alone.
While visions of his Shtetl, so vivid and clear,
began to fade and all but disappeared.
The winds of war had finally past,
One man took on a sacred task,
To bring the scattered Jewish children home.
He traveled far from place to place,
A quest to reignite the faith
Of those sent into hiding long ago.
He entered the fortress gray and cold,
«Your kind is not among us"he was told.
«Hashem above,"he whispered, «Oh please don’t let me fail!»
And he began to sing Shema Yisroel!
Chorus 2x

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Artist lyrics: Yaakov Shwekey