Lyrics Onions Unleashed - Buckethead

Onions Unleashed - Buckethead
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Date of issue: 06.02.1994
Song language: English

Onions Unleashed

Hey Kids!
Onions here!
And let’s have a real good time!
Oh yes
Mm sure feels good to get down off that stick
A scarecrow’s life can get pretty monotonous
Especially when you can’t scare anything
I can’t even scare a Tufted Titmouse, hehehehe
Now, now
They call me onions, because I’m sure to make you cry
They call me onions, but I’m just a regular kinda guy
They call me onions, I go great in someone’s soup
They call me onions, but I don’t live in no coop!
I got a shed instead
Eh, now
Every once in awhile I do get carried away I must confess
I do like to pull on that corn, you know?
Once in awhile
Up here scaring crows all day
Well you get a little thirsty
And then all of a sudden, you just start ta, lose it, hehahahaha
They call me onions, I’m sure to make 'em cry
They call me onions, but I’m just a regular kinda guy
They call me onions, I don’t make for very good breath
They call me onions, I’m bound to be the death… of somebody.
Now, what we do is we take the body parts, well every once in awhile,
a few body parts
We all got some body parts lying around
And we put 'em in a big burlap sack, and they’re full of unions, see
And we sew the sacks back up
And we throw them in the back of the truck and drive on to the warehouse in
Arizona, hehahahaha
And a, and a
(Woody Woodpecker Laugh)


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