Lyrics The Shape vs. Buckethead - Buckethead

The Shape vs. Buckethead - Buckethead
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song The Shape vs. Buckethead, artist - Buckethead. Album song Monsters & Robots, in the genre Поп
Date of issue: 31.12.1998
Record label: Higher Octave
Song language: English

The Shape vs. Buckethead

Hahahaha, did I hear you say «is life worth living?»
Hahahaha, oh… I think that depends on the
Who me?
I’m not afraid to die
I just don’t want to show up when it happens, baby
Now there, shoot him down Buckethead!
Uh, well uh, well uh
If you can’t take the heat
Then you better burn up the kitchen, bobble
Is life worth living?
That depends on the
He’s coming to get you;
Michael, Michael Myers
You were the one after Buckethead but he’s after you
Crazy man in a crazy world
You running from Buckethead.
Well I’m just gonna speak my mind
Because I have nothing to lose… Hahaha
But my mind
I’m not afraid to die
I’m not afraid to die
I’m not afraid to die
I just don’t want to be there when it happens, baby
Yeah, come on Michael
Yeah, Bucket’s got something for you
Shoot him down, bobble
Yeah, shoot him before he runs now
Yeah, shoot him down, Bucket, before he runs
Is this life worth living?
I think I’ve given all I can give in
Is this life worth living?
I believe I’ve given all I can give in
Yeah baby, I’m tired of running
Think I’m scared?
Yeah, well think again
Running scared
Want him dead, dead, already dead
This is the story of Michael Myers and Buckethead
Yeah use your guitar to do the story today, man
Buckethead, Buckethead
Kill 'em all, kill him up here
But he’s already dead
So whatcha gonna do, do, you gonna do, oh
So Buckethead, hey,
So Bucket hears that truck
And pulls out his weapon
He aims for the truck
But he didn’t hit nothing
get in a rumble
He can’t tell who’s who
start to crumble
I heard a holler, a scream
And bones being broke
Yeah, life is what’s happening
While you’re making other plans
Is life worth living?
Is life worth living?
I’m just gonna speak my mind
I think it’s just about time
I just want to speak my mind
Yeah, I think we’re right on time
So you better watch out, uh, Mr. Myers
Bucket’s getting angry
Yeah, he’s coming outta coop
He’s coming outta the coop
He’s blinded, he’s going cuckoo
Watch out… hey
Is life worth living?
Yeah, cause Buckethead’s the life of the
Oh my God
I can’t tell who’s who
Um, yeah, they both got white faces
I don’t know what to do
I’m not used to this kind of situation
Uh, Bucket, can you help me out?
Yeah, I need a little navigation, baby
I’m so happy
Yeah, me too, baby
Yeah but for the first time
Life is worth living
I’m happy
Come here, Bucket
I think I want to learn how to play guitar
I think I love you

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