Lyrics Three Fingers - Buckethead, Friends, Saul Williams

Three Fingers - Buckethead, Friends, Saul Williams
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Three Fingers, artist - Buckethead. Album song Enter The Chicken, in the genre
Date of issue: 31.10.2005
Record label: Serjical Strike
Song language: English

Three Fingers

Three fingers on a swollen hand
Beside a dented garbage can
A blind man staring
At something only he can see
I spotted him like night
Sky plotted and star struck
Sits at alone, eats at home
Rafted in a sea of blackness
He rattles his cup
Just enough to call your bluff
You can’t pretend you didn’t see him
Catch his smile in the rear view
Out of the blue his guitar entered hard
With three fingers he plays
Praise what he says might scare you

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