Lyrics Sow Thistle - Buckethead

Sow Thistle - Buckethead
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Sow Thistle, artist - Buckethead. Album song Monsters & Robots, in the genre Поп
Date of issue: 31.12.1998
Record label: Higher Octave
Song language: English

Sow Thistle

Well uh
What we are exposed to
Are only fragments of the universe:
Our sun, our moon…
We are like unto a dirty floor
Collecting sand and dust as opposed to really what’s out there
Our sun, as we know it, is but a tiny flashlight
To this speck of dirt, we call Earth
Well uh
We cannot comprehend
What a real world is like
Because our world survives on itself
Eating and eating and eating it’s own
We are scared of our own shadows
And so insecure about such a very insecure world
Which produces the same circumstances
Each and every time, baby
Time… uh, Time and time again (each and every time)
Time… uh, Time and time again baby.
(each and every time)
Yeah, livin' in the midst of dinosaurs
As we continue to be baffled by what is inevitable
Is about to happen, there’s only so much time
To play the game
Our dime
Is up
See you in the next world.
You won’t be lazy 'cause time has a way about being on time

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