Lyrics King's Cross - Sky

King's Cross - Sky
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song King's Cross, artist - Sky. Album song Travelling Infinity, in the genre Поп
Date of issue: 31.12.1999
Record label: EMI Music Canada
Song language: English

King's Cross

Saw her first working
Up and down King’s cross
Thinkin' what is she after?
Where is she from?
While I think of travelling
Day by day
She stands on that corner
Same expression on her face
Oh what’s the point of it all
All I am searchin' is for a higher ground
I’ve seen stranger faces
I’ve been to darker places
How I wished you would see me
Learning from my mistakes
We’ve been sitting here
For an hour at least
Words come out of your mouth
But it seems so unreal
Is it just another fix you need
To release to feel free

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