Lyrics My Own Way - No Way Out

My Own Way - No Way Out
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song My Own Way, artist - No Way Out
Date of issue: 23.10.2005
Song language: English

My Own Way

The day’s light is not only a reason to smile
It’s also there to suffer when I see them smiling
Why are we hearing more excuses that are feeding our wounds?
No matter how hard the stone is, it will turn back to fucking dust
Don’t let us fall
We gonna try to be sincere, singing with our hearts out
On your road a loyal friend; in this world our ashtray!
Let us combine happiness with some madness
I trust for the cure it will be the best
In these dead streets where nobody cares
Let us eradicate all this plague
I remember you and me when we used to be happy
But now I know, memories only cheat us
I remember my country when it used to be happy
But now I know, memories only cheat us

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