Lyrics Stressed Out - Babyface

Stressed Out - Babyface
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Stressed Out, artist - Babyface. Album song Face 2 Face, in the genre R&B
Date of issue: 14.03.2016
Record label: Arista
Song language: English

Stressed Out

No noooo hooo ooo ooo oo ooh oooh ohhh ooooh oooh ooh
You so busy
All of the thing you can to do nothing about
Maybe its time to change your route
Instead of pluggin in so much
You should look out
You have so many things to smile about
Like love
For all the things you have ever dreamed
It could work out
So don’t stress out (oh baby)
It will happen if its meant to be So don’t stress out
Things could work out baby
We go 'round mmm
Only once
Don’t waste you time not having fun
You should live your life, its all you got
Like its always better to live than not
You have so many things to smile about
Like love
Laid back in my arms
Is where you belong
Sunshine will defeat the storm
At the end of the day
So don’t stress out
Things could work out baby

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