Lyrics Our Love - Babyface

Our Love - Babyface
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Date of issue: 03.12.2015
Song language: English

Our Love

Our Love
Is not a perfect love
Even though it gets hard
Is still the kind I want
Our Love
Is a resilient love
When it comes to our hearts
Our love it can’t be undone, we go through
Fire (through fire) and rain (through the rain)
Through the drama and pain (all the pain)
Through the difficult and emotional
Through the battles that seemed inconceivable
Even if the sun, even if the sky all came crushing down (crushing down)
Even if the world might ends our love will still be around (be around)
Through the fire, through the rain
The whole world might change but we stay the same
Our Love Is a special love
Like a precious work of art
Has been priceless from the start
Our Love Is a brilliant love
Shining brighter than the star
Our Love lights the way through the dark
We’ve been through
Fire (fire) and rain (through the rain)
And the drama (through the drama) and pain (all the pain)
Through the difficult (yeah) and emotional,
Through the battles that seem inconceivable
Even if the sun even if the sky all came crushing down
Even if the world ends our love is still gonna be around
through the fire
Through the rain
The whole world might change
But we’ll stay the same

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