Lyrics Walking On Air - Babyface, El DeBarge

Walking On Air - Babyface, El DeBarge
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Date of issue: 03.12.2015
Song language: English

Walking On Air

One in a billion
That’s what you are
Girl I’m in love with the feeling
The way you touch my heart
You are the good in my good times
You are the sun in my sunshine
You know you know you know you mean the world to me
You are my everything
When I’m with you I’m walking on air
When I’m with you I don’t have a care
Nothing better than holding hands together walking in the sunlight
Spending time forever with you
When I’m with you nothing compares
When I’m with you girl… can't help but swear
When we’re together wander in the moonlight
Spending time forever with you
When I’m with you baby
That’s what you do
One in a zillion
My shining star
You know I’m ready and willing to go wherever you are
You are the love in my love life
You are the star in my star light
You know you know you know you mean the world to me
And you are my everything
When I’m with you
Never felt this kind of feeling before
I never knew that I could feel this much in love with you
So in love with you

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