Blu - lyrics with translation

    This page contains - 146 lyrics by artist/group Blu.
  • Genres: Рэп и хип-хоп, Фанк
  • Language: English, Spanish, Italian

List of lyrics

The Strip ft. Blu, Madlib, Anderson .Paak 2015
Radio Daze ft. Blu, P.O.R.N., Dice Raw 2009
The Aura ft. Johnson Barnes, Blu 2016
The Day ft. Blu, Phonte, Patty Crash 2009
When The Gods Meet ft. Blu, Exile, ISHĒ 2020
The Feeling ft. Exile, Blu & Exile, Jacinto Rhines 2020
For Whom The Bell Tolls ft., Blu, Phonte 2020
Miles Davis ft. Exile 2020
Greetings ft. Blu, Madlib 2015
True & Livin' ft. Blu, Exile 2020
The Buzz ft. Blu, Madlib 2015
The Lost Angels Anthem ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
Runaway ft. Blu, Exile 2016
Shit Is On ft. Blu, N.hardem, Raw Poetic 2016
Kiss the Sky ft. Mela Machinko 2013
Everything's Ok ft. Jack Davey 2013
Slngbngrs 2013
Doin' Nothin' ft. U-God 2013
Everybody Nose ft. SA-RA Creative Partners, Nola Darling 2013
Soupa ft. Suzi Analogue 2013
Hours 2013
Above Crenshaw ft. Cashus King 2013
The End ft. Blu, Exile, Dag Savage 2020
Spring Winter Summer Fall ft. Jimetta Rose 2013
Annie Hall ft. Chop, Cherry Pop, Tiombe Lockhart 2013
Tags ft. Exile 2013
Keep Pushin' 2013
My Sunshine ft. Nia Andrews 2013
Down to Earth ft. Donel Smokes, Definite 2013
Doin' Somethin' ft. El Prez, Pac Div, U-N-I 2013
Miles Away ft. Blu, Exile, C.S. Armstrong 2020
Troubled Water ft. Blu, Exile, Gappy Ranks 2020
Roots Of Blue ft. Blu, Exile, Jacinto Rhines 2020
African Dream ft. Blu, Exile, Gappy Ranks 2020
The American Dream ft. Blu, Exile, Miguel 2020
Requiem Of Blue ft. Blu, Exile, Fashawn 2020
Blue ft. Blu, Exile 2020
You Ain't Never Been Blue ft. Blu, Exile 2020
Back To Basics ft. Exile 2017
Music Is My Everything ft. Blu, Exile, Choosey 2020
Bright As Stars ft. Blu, Exile, Aceyalone 2020
Blue As I Can Be ft. Blu, Exile 2020
Whe Nothing's Left ft. Exile 2011
Birdz N Beez 2011
Clock Out ft. Blu 2021
Southside Queens. ft. Blu, Elle Pierre 2015
The Buzz (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) ft. MED, Blu, Mayer Hawthorne 2013
LA Counting ft. Union Analogtronics 2016
The Buzz (Radio) ft. Blu, Madlib 2013
Okie Dokie ft. Blu, KeithCharles Spacebar 2016
What If I Was 2011
Lucky 2011
Just Met ft. Blu 2021
On the Porch 2011
Jesus 2011
Popeye ft. Blu, Pigeon John 2013
Fresh Out ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
No soy yo ft. Blu 2007
YES ft. Blu 2013
It Never Rains in South L.A. ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
Round Bout Midnight ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No, Abstract Rude 2019
Intro ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
Facing Time ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
Pop Shots ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
Do the Crime ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
The Robbery ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No, Montage One 2019
Champagne ft. OH No, Blu, Oh No 2019
This is Your Life ft. Blu, Madlib 2013
My Hoe ft. Blu, Evidence, Reks 2013
Celln'Ls 2011
Love 2011
Doo Wop ft. Planet Asia, Blu, Killer Ben 2013
Fly on the Window (feat. Blu) ft. Blu 2015
Charlie Brown ft. Blu 2013
Heaven on Earth ft. Nottz 2015
True & Livin’ ft. Exile 2019
Under The Moon ft. Kino Beats, Blu 2021
Kiss the Sky (DJ Revolution & Mela Machinko) ft. Dj Revolution, Mela Machinko 2015
Atlantis ft. Nottz 2015
Spread Sunshine ft. Blu, Exile 2020
The Return 2014
Rap Dope 2014
When Nothing's Left ft. Exile 2011
Well Fare ft. Thurz, Casey Veggies 2014
Back Home Again 2014
Can't Stop, Won't Stop ft. The Alchemist, Evidence, Tristate 2014
Summer Time ft. Bombay, Arima Ederra 2014
The LA ft. Secret Service Agents 2014
Bobby Brown ft. Clutch, Mic Holden, Definite 2014
Child Support 2014
Brown Sugar ft. MED, OH No 2014
When Nothing's Left (Clean) ft. Exile 2011
He Man 2014
Home 2014
Red & Gold ft. Prodigy, Phil the Agony, Mitchy Slick 2014
The 50z 2014
Dre Day 2014
Boyz N the Hood ft. Fashawn, Pac Div 2014
The West 2014
Constellations ft. Exile 2017
Samsonite Man ft. Exile, Blu 2009
The Difference ft. Blu, eLZhi 2017
Dunnit ft. Blu 2020
Let It Go ft. Blu 2013
Life Of Pi ft. Blu 2014
Hypnotized ft. Blu 2017
Don't Stop ft. Johaz, Blu, Exile 2014
Mr. Blu(e) Sky 2021
Blu(e) World 2021
Loads ft. Blu 2014
We Are Darker Than Blu(e) 2021
Because The Sky Is Blu(e) 2021
Everyday Blu(e)s 2021
Fly on a Window ft. Blu, Oddisee 2015
Church West Texas ft. Tyler Keyes, Blu 2018
Ti penso sempre ft. Blu 2003
Backboards ft. Blu 2020
At Home ft. Blu 2017
AintNoJustice ft. Blu, Cashus King 2009
JusASuggestion ft. Blu 2009
South-West ft. MC Eiht, Blu, Kam 2015
Love Line ft. Blu 2010
Amnesia 2011
Surrender ft. Blu 2008
Since 2011
The Morning ft. Blu, Psalm One 2014
Soul Provider ft. Exile 2019
When(terlude) 2011
Seasons ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Pardon 2011
Morgan Blu (feat. Blu) ft. Tanya Morgan 2009
Morning 2011
O Heaven ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Melo 2011
A Man ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Vanity 2011
Tomorrow ft. Blu, Rakaa 2014
Don't Be Jelly ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Good Morning Neighbor ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Ease Your Mind ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Money ft. Blu, Exile 2012
A Letter ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Berries and Juices ft. Blu, Exile 2012
Pocket Full Of Miracles ft. 45 King, Blu 2016
Amnesia (Remind) 2011
The Truth ft. Nottz, Shateish 2018