Lyrics Caffeine - Skywalker, Sean Midson

Caffeine - Skywalker, Sean Midson
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Date of issue: 31.08.2017
Song language: English


Honestly, I never thought I’d break so easily\nAll alone, the fears and shades I had to face on my own\nAnd I can retrace my steps to make all the pieces fit\nPoint at the demons haunting me as a kid\nThe slippery slope, the hole, and the unknown\nThe noose, the rope, only you know\nI’m barely breathing but I’m hoping to\nAnd I’m trying to keep my poise\nI feel like screaming (when I’m next to you)\nBut you can’t hear my voice\nOverwhelmed by this misery, I surrender\nDwelling on all these tragedies you don’t remember\nSometimes I wish I could just break free from this\nThe weight of the world is too heavy for me to carry by myself\nI’ll scream these words at the top of my lungs\nCan you hear my voice?

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