Lyrics What Kind of Love - Childish Gambino

What Kind of Love - Childish Gambino
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song What Kind of Love, artist - Childish Gambino.
Date of issue: 02.03.2014
Song language: English

What Kind of Love

What kind of love just stays the same?
What kind of love don’t die alone?
What kind of love would take this long?
What kind of love don’t make you old?
Meet me at the studio
I just wanna play you something
Meet me at the studio
I just wanna tell you something
'Cause you satisfy my heart
Even though we’ll fall apart
Can’t remember how to start—little lies
You like to call me koala
I’ll be your Simba, you’re Nala
Wherever you go I’ll follow—little lies
Drove for hours just to see your face
Drove for hours just to see your face
We should’ve talked if just to clear the space
But now we stare at each other
Buried whatever feeling that was
He texts to «keep your heart D-stacks, keep your heart
These girls are smart D-stacks, these girls are smart»
I know…
Why get a dog?
It’s just gonna die
Everything you love’s just gonna leave you one day
And that’s just real shit he can still spit
But what’s the point?
I said a lot of stupid stuff
I think that I was growin' up
What kind of love don’t hurt so bad?
What kind of love don’t feel this way?
What kind of love would make me fold?
Little lies, little lies
Little lies, little lies
Little lies, little lies
Na, na-na, na, na-na, na-na
Little lies

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