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Jody Watley
    This page contains - 73 lyrics by artist/group Jody Watley.
  • Genres: Электроника, R&B, Иностранный рок
  • The country: USA
  • Language: English

List of lyrics

I Want Your Love 2009
Real Love 1999
All The Way To Heaven 1992
I Can't Live Without Your Love ft. Jody Watley, Tom Scott 2015
Like a Holiday 2017
Off the Hook 1999
Borderline 2009
A Beautiful Life 2009
Friends ft. Eric B., Rakim 2017
Learn To Say No ft. George Michael 1986
Do It To The Beat 1986
Most Of All 1999
Some Kind Of Lover 1999
Love Injection 1986
For The Girls 1986
Workin' On A Groove 1992
When A Man Loves A Woman 1992
Still A Thrill 1995
To Be With You 1992
I Can't Live Without Your Love (Re-Recorded) ft. Teddy Pendergrass 2014
Together 1992
Best Of Me 1992
Take Me In Your Arms 1992
Ecstasy ft. Philip Kelsey 1992
Don't Give Up ft. Dave Warrin 2002
Skin Deep ft. Alex Di Cio 2020
Are You The One? 1992
Too Shy To Say 1992
This Is for the Lover In You ft. LL COOL J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley 2000
I'm The One You Need 1999
I Want You 1995
Virtuous Progression ft. JimiJames, Jane Jupiter, Nite Jewel 2015
Don't You Want Me ft. Francois Kevorkian 1995
Everything 1999
L.O.V.E.R. 1988
Baby Tonight 2008
What 'Cha Gonna Do For Me 1988
After You, Who? 2020
Flower 2008
Just One More Time 2008
16 2008
Lovin' You So 2008
If I'm Not in Love 2008
I Don't Want You Back 2008
A Lifetime 2008
Everything You Do 2008
You'll Never Find a Love 2008
Not a Single Day Goes By ft. Alex Di Cio 2021
More ft. Alex Di Cio 2021
No More Tears to Cry 2008
Clouds ft. Alex Di Cio 2021
Come Into My Life 1988
Once You Leave 1988
Something New 1988
For Love's Sake 1988
Only You 1988
Lifestyle 1988
Precious Love 1988
A Little Respect 2009
Midnight Lounge 2009
Love Hangover 2009
Caaalifornia ft. Jody Watley, Young Empires 2015
Nightlife 2014
Affairs Of The Heart 1990
Call On Me 1990
Commitment Of Love 1990
Dance To The Music 1990
It All Begins With You 1990
See Me When I Get There ft. Buckwild, Jody Watley 2010
Strange Way 1990
Always And Forever 1990
Stolen Moments 1990
Until The Last Goodbye 1990