Lyrics I Love the Weekend - Thunder

I Love the Weekend - Thunder
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song I Love the Weekend, artist - Thunder.
Date of issue: 12.02.2015
Song language: English

I Love the Weekend

Monday morning breaking rocks again\nMaking money working for the man oh baby, oh baby\nEverybody getting on my case\nA lot of talk, not a lot to say oh baby,\noh baby\nTry to tell them but they don’t understand\nBring on the weekend quick as you can\nI feel better on a Tuesday night\nWith my girl but she’s so uptight oh baby,\noh baby\nAll night just watching the clock\nBut come the weekend, she’s ready to rock\nAnother Wednesday crawling by\nThen on Thursday I wanna die on baby, oh baby\nFriday night I can almost touch\nI love the weekend so much\nI love the weekend, Bring on the weekend\nI love the weekend\nEverybody’s high and I’m ready to fly\nSaturday it isn’t over yet\nThere’s still time for what I might regret oh baby,\noh baby\nWhen every Sunday’s almost done\nI don’t know where the weekend’s gone oh\nbaby, oh baby\nSo turn the music up while you can\n'Cause next week we’re gonna do it again\nI’ll pick you up, you’ll be dressed to kill\nOh my, you probably will\nI’ll be counting the days 'til then\nI can’t wait for the new weekend\nI love the weekend, Bring on the weekend\nI never ever want the feeling to stop\n'Cause I love the weekend

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