Lyrics Red-lighted - The Ringmaster

Red-lighted - The Ringmaster
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Red-lighted, artist - The Ringmaster
Date of issue: 15.09.2020
Song language: English


Shadows of the past
Masked in gold and red
A trick of the light nothing more
Broken, we are not one of them
Killers of the new
Marry our moons again
Gala with dull stars
Flung from where we are
The sun is what they’re after
We need an escape
Something to blow away
Even those who are ready
With brush trails and rare colour fades
Find a moment to freeze
Kill the room
I’m tired of tools my friend
We, we need an escape
Broken, we are not one of them
Kill the room
Silence the old again
They are not stars
We, we need an escape, we
We, we need an escape, we
Let it die out
A trick of the light, nothing more
Broken, we are not one of them

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