Lyrics 4 My People - Missy Elliott

4 My People - Missy  Elliott
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song 4 My People, artist - Missy Elliott. Album song Respect M.E., in the genre Рэп и хип-хоп
Date of issue: 03.09.2006
Record label: Atlantic
Song language: English

4 My People

Uhh, yo
This is for my motherfucking club heads, you feel me?
People, gangstas, and pimps and people
Smokin that lethal reefer
Up in the club wit speakers
I had some base and tweeters
DJ is jockin needle
Sweat till I catch a fever
Call me the illest diva
Yo I’m on FIRE!!!
People go head and drink up
Get in the club get fucked up
See me you got get lucked up
Someone to touch your rubber
Show me some love, strip off your clothes, and take off your socks
The party’s jumpin, I see something fine
Boy I wanna kiss you, but I’m just too shy
Let me dance with you, let me wear you out
Here’s a glass of orange juice, let’s go X it out
The music’s bangin, way down in my soul
When you dance behind me, I lose all control
Make me grind my hips, make me move my waist
When the music comes on, you take my breath away
This is for my people, my party people
This is for my people, my motherfucking people
C’mon, c’mon, get down, get, get on down
C’mon, c’mon, get down, get, get on down
This is for my people, my party people
This is for my people, my ecstasy people
C’mon, c’mon, get down, get on down
C’mon, c’mon, get down, get, get on down
I’m at the bar now, and I’m buying drinks
And I got this feeling, and it’s all over me
I wanna dance with you, and lick your face
Take me on the dance floor to feel some ecstasy
The vibe is right now, and I’m bout to score
Mr DJ can you, play this joint once more
Cuz I see the man I want, I want him right away
I’m look him right in his face and say dance with m

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