Lyrics Dream Away - Lisa Stansfield, Babyface

Dream Away - Lisa Stansfield, Babyface
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Dream Away, artist - Lisa Stansfield.
Date of issue: 29.05.2003
Song language: English

Dream Away

When this world
The real life world you’re living in Just gets too much for you to take
When you find
Too many troubles on your mind
And feel just like there’s no escape
And it seems your heart’s forgotten how to believe
Turn a page in your soul
There’s a place you can go Close your eyes and let your heart fly free
Dream away, dream away
Let imagination light your way
Take you as far as your heart can see
Dream away, dream away
To a place where hope is shining
Find your silver lining
Everything you need is just a dream away
Remember when
A dream could take you anywhere
Just a wish anything could be When the farthest star was one more star you could reach
Take a look in your heart
'Cause that’s where dreams are where it starts
Anything is real if you just believe
All it takes is faith to make your dreams come true
And somewhere in this world there’ll be somebody
To share your dreams with you

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Artist lyrics: Lisa Stansfield
Artist lyrics: Babyface