Lyrics Bipolar - Krizz Kaliko

Bipolar - Krizz Kaliko
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Bipolar, artist - Krizz Kaliko. Album song Genius, in the genre Рэп и хип-хоп
Date of issue: 02.09.2010
Record label: Strange
Song language: English


Here’s the story
About a little boy who wasn’t so bad
Smilin' but he feelin so sad
As a young lad he lost his dad
Momma didn’t have much
But thankful for the things she had
Mom and sister was the parent and system
Tucked him in his bed at night (goodnight)
Then on his head she kissed him
The lights go out
Thats when it started yeah
Little Christopher became very scared
So then in his closet
Things began to move back and forth
That of course all in his head
Dont eat no sugar for bed
Whats the meaning
Waking up from a dream screaming
All the while singing that
I got an upside down
Smile and I
Got to wipe my frown
Dry my eyes
Kids this is how it is when you’re older
Wake up and you’re bipolar
An upside down
Smile and I
Got to wipe my frown
Dry my eyes
Kids this is how it is when you’re older
Wake up and you’re bipolar
Before he became a man
He almost lost his fam
Since his momma
Get in the school bathroom vomiting
Shakin up mood swings
Cool swings
From wakin up
Dude seems cool
But really breakin up
People go in and out of his life
He missed out on his wife
So he decides to go and grab a knife
And take himself to the other side of the sun
Cause if he stays here then more pain’ll just come
Take him away from this
Cause he couldn’t escape from this
Hed even pay to make this his last day
Then a ray from the sky (sky) shined on him
And god (god) smiled on him
Now the whole (whole) world gets to hear him sing that
Pull yourself up out it
Even if you doubt it
You can live without it
Just forget about it
I know you tried to drown you
Tried to get up out it
Head to the sky and shout it

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