Lyrics Restless Eyes - Janis Ian

Restless Eyes - Janis Ian
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Restless Eyes, artist - Janis Ian.
Date of issue: 22.08.1981
Song language: English

Restless Eyes

We have a big house\nWith lots of gardens\nAnd children playing\nIn the school next store\nThese aren’t the best times\nThese aren’t the worst times\nBut these are my times\nI never asked for more\nThere’s always sunshine\nAnd shiny weather\nI like it just fine\nHe likes it better\nAnd I don’t know the name\nOf the people right next door\nBut I can’t complain\nHe could have had so much more\nAnd he isn’t you\nAnd I’ll never be\nThe one that he left behind\nEach time we look in the mirror\nI see those restless eyes\nWhen he finds\nThat I’m not the one he wanted\nAnd he’s not who I dreamed\nOh those restless eyes\nAnd restless me\nAnd when the warm winds\nThat surround me\nCome raining down me\nOn warm summer nights\nHe never asks me\nTo surrender\nAnd I’ll remember that\nWhen I want to leave\nAnd if my heart beats\nA touch too fast\nAnd if my eyes blink\nHe doesn’t ask\nHe lets us both pretend\nIt’s the wind up from the shore\nAnd I love him for it then\nLike I never did before

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