Lyrics Gonna Love You Right - After 7

Gonna Love You Right - After 7
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Gonna Love You Right, artist - After 7. Album song The Very Best Of After 7, in the genre Поп
Date of issue: 31.12.1996
Record label: Virgin Records America
Song language: English

Gonna Love You Right

Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you slow
Can’t get enough of you
Gonaa love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you over and over and over again
Some people live saerching for love
And some don’t believe no more
I’ve been on both sides
And I’m thankful because you’re fine
'cause it feels good to hold you
And each time you tell me you’ll be here the rest of my life
Some people mistreat a specail love
Find it hard to stop doing wrong
They don’t miss they’re well
Til they’re water starts running dry
But I’ll do what I can
To be a good man
Don’t wanna hear no more your goodbyes
Everybody needs someone to love
Gotta take my love kiss stars I’ve got the chance to love you
Eveybody needs someone to hold tight
As long as I’ve got you I’m gonna do it right
Wanna love, need a love, gotta love, wanna love need a love, gotta love you
Love you right
Take my time
Doin it slow
Love you right
Take my time
Doin it slow
Never gonna love a girl the way I loved you baby
Doin it slow
Love you right
Tse my time
Doin it slow

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