Lyrics Sleight of Hand - Pearl Jam

Sleight of Hand - Pearl Jam
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Sleight of Hand, artist - Pearl Jam.
Date of issue: 18.02.2003
Song language: English

Sleight of Hand

Routine was the theme\nHe’d wake up, wash and pour himself into uniform\nSomething he hadn’t imagined being\nAs the merging traffic passed\nHe found himself staring down\nAt his own hands\nNot remembering the change\nNot recalling the plan\nWas it?\nHe was okay\nBut wondering\nAbout wandering\nWas it age?\nBy consequence?\nOr was he moved sleight of hand?\nMondays were made to fall\nLost on a road he knew by heart\nIt was like a book he read in his sleep, endlessly\nSometimes he hid in his radio\nWatching others pull into their homes\nWhile he was drifting\nOn a line\nOf his own\nOff the line\nOff the side\nBy the by\nAs dirt turned to sand\nAs if moved by sleight of hand\nWhen he reached the shore of his clip-on world\nHe resurfaced to the norm\nOrganized his few things, his coat and keys\nAny new realizations would have to wait\nTill he had more time\nMore time\nA time to dream\nTo himself\nHe waves goodbye\nTo himself\nI’ll see you on the other side\nAnother man moved by sleight of hand

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