Lyrics Revenge Is a Vulture - 3 Inches Of Blood

Revenge Is a Vulture - 3 Inches Of Blood
Song information On this page you can find the lyrics of the song Revenge Is a Vulture, artist - 3 Inches Of Blood. Album song Advance And Vanquish, in the genre Метал
Date of issue: 10.10.2004
Record label: The All Blacks
Song language: English

Revenge Is a Vulture

A sacred pact signed in blood, two allies strong in war
To the death they will defend if an enemy comes forth
Corruption rears it’s ugly head, feed a traitors mind
Stab in the back remains, to break the oath
This ancient bond of trust shattered by a fool
Upon betrayal, all thoughts turn to…
Revenge — Revenge is a vulture
Take him for everything he’s got
Revenge — Revenge is a vulture
He won’t know what he had until it’s lost
The stage is set, a battlefield, victory or death
Valor will prevail against an insult to you name
An alliance failed, the oath remains no more
This allegiance based on trust has become war
The birds of prey shall feast on carrion
As their world crumbles
Revenge — Revenge is a vulture
Deceiver’s flesh ripped off his wretched bones
Revenge — Revenge is a vulture
His head placed on a pike for all to see
A lesson learned for all of the usurpers to the throne
Bridges burned, honour lost, forever damn his kind
Forever damn his kind
Victory will be ours, their treachery returned
A shallow grave awaits
Forever damn his kind
A shallow grave awaits

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